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Our Managed Server [ Unix - Linux ] Option ::

Managed dedicated server hosting is perfect for companies that need guaranteed system uptime and security and want the hosting company to provide, own and manage the equipment. Sapphire Web Design and Hosting will specify, procure, configure, protect, and manage your dedicated server. We take the burden of keeping your system operating at its peak efficiency and its security up to date. Sapphire has the technical expertise to meet your managed dedicated server hosting needs whether you need a single dedicated server or a complex cluster. We will select equipment to meet your budget now and configure it to easily expand as you grow.

A Managed server is a dedicated server for one account::
that is actively managed by Sapphire Web Design and Hosting. Instead of just having a server handed to you, Sapphire will take care of the setup, software installation, security monitoring, backups, and technical support that is needed. It eliminates the headaches and support costs associated with having to run your own server, as well as aquiring the knowledge to do so.

Choosing a Managed Server is a Smart Choice ::
Managed servers are the right solution for any website that has outgrown a shared hosting account, needs dedicated resources, runs processor intensive scripting, requires customized software installations, and for those sites that want the added security of being the only ones accessing the server.

What will my Managed Server Cost and What are the Specifications ::
A basic set up may include, A P4 Celeron server with a 40 gig hard drive, a 1.7ghz processor, and 512mb of ram.

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